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Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) Award 2018
2017 Q Award Excellent Quality Status Recognition
TSC Opportunity Day Q2/2018
Siam Aisin 2017 The Best Quality & Delivery Performance Supplier Award
MMTh Quality Award of 2017
Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018
Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) Award 2017
In remembrance of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
NISSAN Quality Award FY 16
“Regional Supplier Quality Award Finalist”
TSC Green Industry Certificate
MMTh Award of Quality 2016
TSC Opportunity Day Q2/2017
IMCTS Award for “The Best in Spare Parts Delivery” for FY16 performance
AGM 2017
2016 TCC Safety Activity as Assistant Task Force
Young Presidents’ Organization Malaysian and TN Group visited TSC
GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award 2015
TSC is awarded as a one of Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption
National Occupational Safety and Health Award in the year of 2016
CAC certified Thai Steel Cable PCL (TSC)
TSC is awarded for Best Organization for training and development
TSC management has visited National Metal and Materials technology Center
TSC management visited King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang ( KMITL)
TSC Opportunity Day Q2/2016
Company Visit KMILT
J.I.T Service Parts Supplier Performance Award
Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of 2016
Anti-corruption policy
TSC declaration of intent
Interim dividend payment no.1/2015
The National Occupational Safety and Health Award in the year of 2015
The Winner of Graduate Group for TCC-HRD Activity 2014
The achievement of 2014 TCC Safety Activity Target
Good Logistics Practice Award 2014
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shandong Sub-Council visited Thai Steel Cable PCL.
2014 Top Supplier Award by Auto Alliance Thailand
GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award 2014
TSC Green Industry Certificate
Thailand Corporate Brand Rising Star Award
TSC Opportunity Day Q3/2014
Quality Improvement 2013 : Mitsubishi Motors
TSC Fashion Sanjon
TOYOTA Delivery Accuracy 2013 J.I.T. Service Parts Supplier Performance
Cost Reduction Award 2012
Ph.D candidates of
NU University visited TSC
Received the Certificate of ISO/IEC 17025:2005
Drive 55 Achievement Award 2011: Yamaha
Improvement Award: Suzuki
KU Electrical - Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering visited TSC
2008 - 2010 Supplier Evaluation Score in Delivery Awards, ISUZU
QCD Improvement Supplier in 2010 Awards, ISUZU
TSC help Japan
The Best of OVERALL Supplier's Performance Awards
TSC Feel Good #7/2018
TSC Blood Donation #19 (2018)
TSC donated office equipment to Amphoe Phan-Thong Police Station
TSC Fitness
TSC Blood Donation #18 (2017)
TSC Feel Good #6/2017
TSC Donation 02/2017
TSC Blood Donation #17 (2017)
TSC Donation Table Calendar 2017
TSC Blood Donation #16 (2016)
TSC T-Shirt Contest 2017
Television donation for Banyansue school
TSC Football Cup #4/2016
TSC Feel Good 5/2016
TSC Company Profile Contest 2016
TSC Blood Donation #15 (2016)
TSC ปลอดหนี้ สร้างสุข (TSC Happy Money)
TSC Feel Good # 4 (2015)
TSC Blood Donation for H.M. the Queen # 13th (2015)
TSC Dhamma Delivery # 2nd (2015)
TSC Movie Night # 6th (2015)
TSC DUNDARA 2015 (Singing Contest)
TSC Blood Donation for H.M. the King # 12
Contribution to Operation Smile Foundation (Thailand)
TSC Feel Good 02/2014
TSC Blood Donation 02-2014
TSC Knowledge (Dhamma for Work)
TSC 36th Birthday
TSC Special Lecture on Tax Knowledge for Management
TSC Special Lecture on Knowledge of Drugs and Social Harm
TSC Special Lecture on Health & Medical Knowledge
TSC Feel Good 01/2014
TSC Family Day 2013
TSC Donation 2/2013
TSC Football Cup 2013
TSC Blood Donation1/2013
TSC helps society 2013
TSC Bowling 2013
TSC Bowling 2012
TSC helps the flood victims at Chainat
TSC Football Cub # 1
TSC Bowling 2011
TSC Love Mom Activity
TSC Vassa Candle Ceremony (Tean Vassa)
TSC Movie Night 2011
TSC Mini Half Marathon 2011
TSC Pitak Talay
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