hai Steel Cable hosted “TSC Bowling” at Major Bowl Hit, at Big-C Chonburi, on June 23, 2011. The objective of this event is to encourage TSC people to aware of being healthy and create good relationship among each others.

Welcome to month of mother’s day with “TSC Love Mom Activity” on July 27- August 4, 2011. The purpose of this activity is allowed TSC members to express their love to mother and to tighten family relationship.

 On July 8, 2011 Thai Steel Cable arranged “TSC Vassa Candle Ceremony (Tean Vassa)”. TSC management and staff eagerly joined in making candles which will offer to local temples to be used during the lent season.                The activity is aimed to create employees’ participation in Buddhist traditional ceremony. The melt candle represented the strong cooperation of all TSC members.                The event gained good feedback from TSC people in participation and donation which will further contribute to 2011 TSC ทอดผ้าป่า

 Thai Steel Cable PCL. organized the 2nd TSC Movie Night, bringing 400 TSC members to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean 4 : on Stranger Tides” at Major Cineplex, Amata Nakorn on May 25, 2011. The participants enjoyed the event and TSC shall arrange the same in near future.               

On May 22, 2011, Thai Steel Cable arranged “TSC Mini Half Marathon” – 6 kilometer long distance running at Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Phase #7-8. The purpose of this event is to encourage the health awareness among participants.                Same to last year, the event received great interest from TSC members, customers, and suppliers. Total earnings from this activity, without deducting expenses, shall further contribute to Annual Kratin of TSC. TSC would like to thank you very much for great support and participation

  On January 29, 2011 Thai Steel Cable organized “TSC Pitak Talay” at Bangpu Nature Education Center, Samutprakan. The purpose of this event is raising TSC members to participate in social responsibility and assist in nature conservation around Mangrove forest zone.                The said event brought the happiness, impression and unity among TSC participants. For this reason TSC further schedules such good activity for TSC members in the next chance.                

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