Mr. Sarit Patanatmarueng

Mr. Sarit Patanatmarueng

Mr. Sarit Patanatmarueng


Shareholding (%) (As of September 30, 2019)
10,506,400 Share (4.04%)

Older brother of Mr. Santi Patanatmarueng  and younger brother of Ms.Sirina Patanatmarueng

M.A., Business Administration, New Hampshire College, USA
Training : IOD
- Director Certification Program (DCP 42/2004)

Work Experiences in Late 5 Years
2004 - Present Director,
Managing Director,
Authorized Director,
Chairman of Risk Management
Thai Steel Cable PCLManufacturer of control cable for automobile/motorcycle and car window regulator
1996 - Present Director,
Authorized Director
Summit Chugoku Seira Co., Ltd.Manufacture welding nuts for automotive industry
2004 - PresentDirector,
Authorized Director
Complete Auto Parts Co., Ltd.Manufacturer of component parts for brake cable, clutch, and accelerator cable
2004 - Present Director,
Authorized Director
Complete Auto Rubber 
Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Manufacture rubber parts for automotive and electronic industry and other
2010 -July 2013 Director,
Authorized Director
P. Tooling Co., Ltd.Manufacturer of mold and related equipment.
2013 - Present Director,
Authorized Director
Boltun Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.Production of bolts for the car industry
2016 - Present Director,
Authorized Director
Amata Summit Ready Built 
Co., Ltd.
Factory Lease / Rental Service

Record of Offense

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